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WEEE Compliant

Q. Is you service free of charge, are there any catches?
A. Yes it is free of charge and there are no catches, we offer a standard free service.
Q. Is there a minimum or maximum quantity of items you collect?
A. There is no minimum or maximum quantity.
Q. What documentation do you provide?
A. You will receive an itemised invoice, an environment agency waste transfer note and a data removal
Q. I have completed your recycling form, what happens next?
A. Within 48 hours you will be contacted by us and provided with a collection date.
Q. I have my collection date, what time can I expect the driver?
A. We cannot give specific times as the driver will have other collections on the same day. The driver is
Normally out between 9 a.m. And 5 p.m.
Q. Do you collect over week-ends?
A. No, sorry we only operate between Monday to Friday .
Q. Will the driver require any assistance?
A. Any help you can give will help as the driver will have other collections to get too on the same day. If you
are in a high rise block, can you please ensure the items are at ground level.
Q. I have my collection date, can I add more items than previously quoted?
A. Yes that’s no problem, please email or phone over the extra item’s to us 24 hours prior to being collected
So we can update the paperwork .
Q. How do you erase all our data?
A. We use military standard software which makes all your data unrecoverable.
Q. Can we deliver our items too you?
A. Yes you can via appointment only.
Q. Do you collect from private residences?
A. Not generally but give us a call we may be able to help.
If you need an install or I.T. Support, we recommend the above companies We are proud to work with: